Monday, March 15, 2010

Brute Bailey Speaks on Censorship in Hip Hop

In 1991, I was an intern for MCA RECORDS Rap Dept. working under the best guy God could have placed me with to learn the ropes of the industry. Known for his perky happy smile and also known to put a smile on other peoples' faces. Brute Bailey was more than someone I interned for, He was an inspiration, a leader and a man with many positive messages and catch phrases that made you smile. "mighty fine, mighty fine" one of his famous quotes. We'll I am indebted to Mr. Brute Bailey, Thank you for your guidance and believing in me. He would call me "the Aficionado" cause he felt I knew Hip Hop. Not bad to have someone like Brute, who started the Fresh Fest w/ JD's father(So So Def) come to me and ask me who produced what on day to day or him asking me if I spoke to Teddy Ted or Special K on classic records like "Don't Curse" Heavy D, Tap The Bottle YBT, Brothahood Creed, JUICE Soundtrack, CB4, Houseparty 1 & 2, Strictly Business. I use to love to run and get the Subway sandwiches for Brute and Hank Shocklee or maybe ShaKim (Flavor Unit) walk in or Go and Get A.D. and I some food, ICE. No Problem. I LOVE HIP HOP and Put In work!
READ BELOW an article I read of BRUTE in Billboard Magazine fighting to keep one of our last records we worked together, FU2 "No Head No Backstage Pass" coincidentally the late Jam Master Jay had something to do with this label as well. David Reeves (aka Davy D) co-produced these tracks and Run-DMC was listed as executive producers.

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