Friday, August 1, 2008


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Go the debut from the multi talented artist Reggie B, from the Japanese label Circulations. Mostley prodeuced by Reggie B with guest producures, Lenny D, Miles Bonny,and Saadiq of the Platinum Pied pipers now available on iTunes


We R Here ep from the Go album out on Japanese Label Circulations Also available on Itunes. Featuring production from the Platinum Pied Pipers artist Saadiq. And remixes and edits from Japan based beat crew Super Smokey Soul,also on the Circulations label
A Few Steps Forward ep from the nehterlands label 4lux. An ep with bangers from the upcoming follow up to the GO album "Get Down With Me" Reggie B's new solo joint which will be out later this summer with production from Saadiq of the Platinum Pied Pipers, Gerd from Milez Benjamin, Lenny D from the INnatesounds Crew and Deep Thinkers, and also production from the one man band himself Reggie B. It also includes the album tittle track Get down with me produced by Reggie B,HOT!!! All releases available on iTunes Now!!!

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