Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hymnlayas x Circle Of Thieves x LIFT YA HANDS HY

"CIRCLE OF THIEVES" , truly representative of the Hymnlayas' sound- heavy, melodic and complex- complete with DJ Hylanda's turntablism making it evident that theHymnlayas are definitely present in the studio and at the controls.
"Lift your Hands Hy" is scheduled to be released in full by promoted by Wilshire District and LA Hill Records-
Circle of Thieves a beat interlude that will be heard off the forthcoming
on the HYMNLAYAS album “Lift Your Hands Hy” on Wilshire District Music
Produced by Tommy Lift and DJ Hylanda
also digitally available @
"Gift of Gab" and "The Love" are the first two tracks released off the new album "Lift Your Hands Hy", produced by Tommy Lift and DJ Hylanda of the Hymnlayas.

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