Thursday, November 17, 2011

Derron - NEVERLAND SE ep Available Digitally


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Neverland SE is the third release of Derron but the first international since his friend DJ ICE picked him up in LA by random. It symbolizes a giving back after Derron left his home Berlin Germany to live in states for almost one year. A German music culture clashes with the original feeling of the California Vibe. Every single track is a produced of that time. The opening song “Courage” is featured by the beautiful French African singer Victiore Laly which is smoothly touching the mood of the song with her French words.

The second single and title track, “Neverland” introduces the San Francisco newcomer artist Kazz Emceein, Mar B The Producer and Passionate, as well as Geez on the fourth deeply moving production “When it all falls down”. Between these to tracks the producer of Neverland appears as The Nonpareil D-Light to give Derron some backup by shouting a enormous thrilling chorus for “Digital World”. There are also European artist supporting Derron on Neverland. “Stell dir vor” is a soulful hip hop ballad introducing two of Germany’s finest soul ladies Jasmine Thomas and Kayna. To make the song more interesting it comes up in two different versions, one produced by Derron himself and the second by his producer Dennis Kuhn. The last song called “Gimme that” gives the EP the joyful kick and before you even realize it, you are still nodding your head while the last parts of the instrumental is running out.

Track Listing
1. “Courage” feat. Victoire Laly
2. “Neverland” feat. Kazz Emceein, Mar B The Producer and Passionate
3. “Digital World” feat. The Nonpareil D-Light
4. “When it all falls down” feat. Geez
5. “Stell dir vor” – Derron Remix – feat. Jasmine Thomas
6. “Gimme that” feat. NadiNash
7. “Stell dir vor” feat. Kayna

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