Monday, September 26, 2011

Derron Neverland Single Available Tomorrow On Itunes & All Digital Retailers

Derron hails from Berlin, Germany and has traveled to the states, established base in San Francisco and began a journey that led to NEVERLAND. Recorded at San Francisco Youth Center meeting and involving his new found friends, Mar B the Producer, Kazz Emceein and Passionate on this hot dance Timbo feel beat. Proceeds from Derron Neverland SE will go back to the SFYC. We appreciate your support and spread the word. "Look in my eyes and you'll see what I see very extor-di-nary going to Neverland"

Derron - NEVERLAND featuring Mar B, Kazz Emceein, Passionate (Nonpariel Sound) Video

"Neverland" is the first international single release of the European artist Derron reaching out worldwide to promote the “Neverland EP" which was produced by Nonpareil Records in Berlin and the Sunset Youth Center San Francisco where Derron was working with several young street artist during his life in the states.

Featuring the lyrical performance of the San Francisco newcomers Kazz Emceein, Mar B The Producer and Passionate. Supported by the Sunset Youth Center San Francisco as a project to push music as a new perspective for our generation to express themself about the real life..

"Neverland" featuring Kazz Emceein, Mar B The Producer and Passionate is a ballad to life, telling about the stress through which everybody is going and the need to look for an output, a place where you can be as you are and where you can express yourself without limitations.

The song is a clear introduction to every artists world, bringing you closer to that feeling, this special connection they had when they were creative together. For Derron it’s more than just a release, it’s a memory of his days in California where he was living one year permanently. Rapping in a mix of German and English makes his style interesting as he flows over the driving and pushing rhythm. Followed up by Kazz Emceein, a 21-year-old young club youngster. Reese, first member of Passionate, sings the Chorus. Her soulful voice gives the gripping contrast before Mar B The Producer is dropping a rap duet with the second Member of Passionate, named Erin.

"Neverland" is truly representative of Derrons' sound- heavy, melodic and complex songs. It was produced by Dennis Kuhn (Berlin/Germany) who was working on projects with famous reggae artists like Rebellion The Recaller and Black Dillinger 2 years before.

1. Derron – Neverland (feat. Mar B The Producer, Kazz Emceein and Passionate)
2. Derron – When it all falls down (feat. Geez)
3. Derron – Fourthing (feat. Webbafied)
4. Derron – Neverland (Instrumental)
All songs produced by Dennis Kuhn and Peter Thom

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