Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wilshire District Music Summer Updates

HYMNLAYAS "GIFT OF GAB/The Love" this TUESDAY July 12th available on Itunes, Amazon, Napster, and many other digital retailers.

Dj's check for instrumental 7" singles that will follow the digital release. Feedback is valued comments on Itunes & boom
"Ping Ping": The Hymnlayas

“Gift of Gab” and “The Love” are the first two tracks released off the new album “Lift Your Hands Hy”, produced by Tommy Lift and DJ Hylanda of the Hymnlayas. Hymnlayas consist of Tommy Lift, DJ Hylanda and Mic Brass.

Official digital release date July 12th!!!

Featuring the lyrical performance of Heet Mob affiliate Jay Lee, “Gift of Gab” provides a rolling sound scape for Lee to spin his verbal wizardry. Jay Lee spits a continuous verse for nearly the entire song- truly showcasing his personal “Gift of Gab” through rhymes that weave a constantly morphing tapestry of thought.

“…I place words in places that you cannot find without being a mastermind of
my word matrix…” – Jay Lee.

“The Love” featuring heavy-hitter Reach is a ballad to Hip Hop and life in general- an upbeat slice of boom-bappery that commands heads to nod and minds to open. The song is a clear anthem to the reason why the Hymnlayas make music in the first place- for the Love. Reach’s dynamic flow rides the beat as only a master of their craft can- efforlessly and in full compliment to the track.

“Gift of Gab” and “The Love” are truly representative of the Hymnlayas’ sound- heavy, melodic and complex- complete with DJ Hylanda’s turntablism making it evident that the
Hymnlayas are definitely present in the studio and at the controls.

“Lift your Hands Hy” is scheduled to follow e.p. release late 2011~


Wilshire District Music Digital Store!!!

Make It Quake

Miracle Mile Vol. 1

DJ ICE Playing LIVE at THROWBACK Anniversary Party alongside DJ Evil E (Rhyme Syndicate) and The Throwback Host and resident DJ Selectah Edub!!!!
July 16th Carbon in Culver City


NC ABRAM updates!!!!

Wilshire Music affiliate, NC Abram dropped his latest video I'M ILL directed by @PlatanoMan & which can be heard on DJ Drama's latest mixtape 3RD INFANTRY DIVISION.

NC Abram will be dropping his Wilshire Music debut in September with DOUBLE TAKE as produced by 83 Sounds beat collective out of Germany!!!

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