Monday, August 25, 2008

Tea Anyone! HIP HOP MUGS are here!

Brainchild of my mellow, Tytus Penn of notorious Conference Room (Tytus, Dennis Deft, Kool Keith) who can be heard on the upcoming WILSHIRE DISTRICT: Miracle Mile album. Had to run a plug somewhere in there. Back to Hip Hop Mugs. It seems all those late nights after the party at IHOP has surfaced an ingenious idea. Be sure to peep and from what I understand, That’s right! The first 100 people to
pre-order the Always Fresh mug will
be entered to win a free black 8GB
iPod nano. ($190.00 value)

1 comment:

HipHopMugscom said...

What's going on?! Good looking on the promo. You know you got a mug coming for the support! I just googled Hip Hop Mugs and your blog was listed. So that means you have some loyal followers peepin' the blog.

Everyone, don't hesitate to get yours!