Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do Over Season 4 x Backyard Boogie every Sunday!

This weekend kicks off SEASON 4 for THE DO OVER! By far LA's best OUTDOOR "Backyard Boogie" Event.

It's finally upon us folks.

A few short days away from the fourth season of The Do-Over!!! That's right, it is once again time to get your Sunday fix of heavy tuneage, sweet sangria and sunshine.

This Sunday, we kick it off at 2pm sharp with some very special mystery guests getting on the decks EARLY, joining residents Haycock, Strong & Blacc.

Don't sleep!

This season we welcome Adidas Originals & Cerwin-Vega as the official presenters of season four of The Do-Over.

"The Do-Over returns for another caliente season of beats, BBQ, and signature sangria.



"Under a hot sun that melts into silvery night, smoke rises, bodies writhe and beats boom.


Los Angeles Times

"There are few things in my life that I look forward to as much as the Do-Over. Seriously.

Campus Circle

"The laid-back house parties and grill-fests at Crane’s on Sunday afternoons are kind of like church, but with a better wine list. The free weekly event brings together perhaps the most ethnically diverse crowd in town.

Metromix. com

The anti-Hollywood backyard boogie… Do-Over is the Sunday sure-thing that guarantees a weekend happy ending.

LA. com

"So your weekend was a snoozer? Request a do-over!"

Going. com

Do-Over's & Don't Over's (A guide for enjoying your Sunday):
Do-Over: Arrive early.

Don't-Over: Show up expecting to instantly get in at 7pm.

Do-Over: Respect the ratio.

Don't-Over: Show up with four of your best dudes and plan to get in.

Do-Over - Be nice to your hosts at the door.

Don't-Over - Upset the door staff or your ass ain't coming in.

Do-Over - Tip your bartenders
Don't-Over - Be that girl / be that guy.

Do-Over: Plan on sangria stains.

Don't-Over: Let a little spilled wine ruin your day.

Do-Over: Eat delicious BBQ.

Don't-Over: Try to make it through the day on an empty stomach.

Do-Over: Get ready for mystery guest DJ's.

Don't-Over: Assume you know who they might be.

Do-Over: Enjoy the music.

Don't-Over: Make requests.

Do-Over: Dance.

Don't-Over: Stand around on the dance floor.

Do-Over: Drink responsibly.

Don't-Over: Booze it up 'til you pass out underneath a table.

Do-Over: Smile.

Don't-Over: Frown. The Do-Over is back and its time to get down.

What'cha Wanna Do? Do-Over!


Visit www. thedoover. net to sign up for the list.

Also check us out at:

www. myspace. com/thedoover

www. losangeles. going. com/thedoover

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