Tuesday, April 22, 2008

District Feature: Ric-Hard ALL MY LIFE video

Peace Fam! I wanted to reach out to you and share my man's video with you.
Yea, I can appreciate this clip from beginning to end. The song is nothing but true story and no one has quite put it down like my mellow RIC HARD! Its his video titled ALL MY LIFE showcases a glimps in the history of his life from KC to LA. Lyrics that are inspiring and are real, every word is the truth.
RIC HARD grew up near me in (Wyandotte County)Kansas City literally his moms lived across the park from my grandma's house.
I love me some Ric always have always will!!!Don't take my word on it.
as in the words of Bishop Don Juan 'Richard is the hardest working player in Hollywood, He stay on his grind nonstop...He knows nothing comes toward him sleeping!!!!''


Anonymous said...

RIC-HARD the Ultimate TUSSLER!!!I seen him rollin down Hollywood Blvd in his Gold Caddy.

Wilshire District said...

St. Benedicts park kc,ks