Monday, March 17, 2008

District Feature: RULAR RAH "JOHHNY" Track by Dj Khalil

Rular Rah "Johnny" of the DERAILED Soundtrack produced by DJ Khalil Scored By RZA

Brotha 2 Brotha Entertainment Inc: RULAR RAH
This 6'6" Far Rockaway Queens native doesn't play a lick of basketball, but his skills do get him noticed. The tall, dark, and slim cat goes by the name of RULAR RAH a.k.a. 100 Bars. Rular was born in Jamaica Memorial Hospital in Queens, NY. At the age of five he moved to Edgemere Project Housing Authority, where it all began. Rah's projects, better known as Alcatraz, is where he developed his style, swagger, and street dreams. He found his love for music and cutting hair at the age of 12. Being a barber was a must for Rular because there was no food on the table; writing rhymes was a hobby. Unlike his comrades and younger brother, Rular wasn't a gun-holding, drug-slanging type of guy during his childhood. Instead, he found his way to the barbershop, his barbershop. Still, in the hood trouble is easy to get into and and hard as hell to get out of. One day at the project hangout spot, Rah got into it with a police officer, who was harassing his brother, Khalil (a.ka. Killa Kah). The situation escalated and Rah found himself locked up.
That caused Rah to really concentrate on cutting hair and music. Just a few weeks after the incident, he got an opportunity from a family friend to relocate to Los Angeles and open up his own shop. Of course, he accepted. Rah always wanted to go to the west coast for the weather. Now, New York Style Brotha 2 Brotha Barbershop, located in North Hollywood, CA is the hot spot for many of today's major entertainers, from Jermaine Dupri to Dave Chappelle. The barbershop is where people started to take notice of Rular Rah's talent in music. Word got around on the "hot rapper from Queens with the shop" and Rah landed himself a publishing deal with Universal. In 2002 he released his first mix tape titled THE RAH REPORT - HIP HOP COMEDY MIXTAPE, which featured Dave Chappelle, Aries Spears, and Rap City's Joe Clair. THE RAH REPORT sold 34,000 copies out of the barbershop alone!! After the success of Rular Rah's mixtape, he and his manager formed Brotha 2 Brotha Entertainment Inc., which is currently pushing his hot new single "She's Rich." The song describes how a wealthy suburban girl falls in love with a guy from the hood, not your usual hip hop love song. It's a summer banger that will appeal to everyone. Look for it on radio soon and be sure to check out the exclusive video. click image.

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