Monday, January 14, 2008

Vimby feature: Legendary Lethal Lyricist, Rhyme Inspector Percee P covered the 2k Bounce Tour which had the whole Stones Throw family!This video features Legendary Lethal Lyricist, Rhyme Inspector PERCEE P, p, p, In the place to be.

Thanks for the Shout out Perc and letting these cats know we be out on the grind in the streets of Los Angeles. You can see me holding the poster in the backdrop, doing what we love out there on the streets grinded everynight slangin' cd's. Big shout to AC the PD, DJ Leviathon,Urban Underground, Rootdown Family, ERU, Workmans, FATBEATS,The Basement, Selecta, Amoeba records, last but not least
Dj READY CEE, and all the people who help support our drive. word up! WD.

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