Thursday, November 15, 2007

POW SHADOWZ - WHERE'S YA HEAD? mixtape series- version 1.0

Get ya head knoddin' to some POW SHADOWZ. POW Shadowz brings that original boom bap. He recently hit me with his new mix tape available for a free download.

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Mixtape Series- version 1.0

Mixed by TYZAYAH

Real Recognize Real - Pow Shadowz +
Isn't He Something - Lord Finesse
Sake - Pow Shadowz
Starz - Jaylib
Verb Stimuli - Pow Shadowz
Original Man - Lord Jamar
What U Need - Pow Shadowz feat. Sweets
Breaker 1 9 - Common
RIP Radio Raheem - Pow Shadowz +
Deep Fried Frenz - MF Doom
Hold Up - Pow Shadowz +
Who Me - DJ Vadim feat. Demolition Man
Och Knightz Theme - Pow Shadowz & J Spade
Grew Up Hard - Ghostface Killah
Double Life - Pow Shadowz +
U Cant Hide, U Cant Run - Dilated Peoples
Turn It Up Loud - Pow Shadowz +
The Symphony pt.2 - Marley Marl feat. Big Daddy Kane
Pile Em Up - The Metamorphs feat. Pow Shadowz
Beat Jacking 101 - Pow Shadowz & DJ Leviathan

+ Produced by TYZAYAH

All tracks included in one 45 minute megamix

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